Speech therapy in English for adults

Aikuisten puheterapiapalvelut

Effective and inclusive speech therapy for adults

INTONAATTORIT is a Finnish company that offers activating and inclusive speech therapy rehabilitation for adults.

Our service is designed to support rehabilitation of brain function changes after brain injury with expert and participatory speech therapy. With this, we guarantee the best skills and the latest information to support your rehabilitation.

We have focused on disability groups that particularly benefit from neurological speech therapy for adults.

With us, your speech therapy can take place in many ways.

INTONAATTORIT focuses on strengthening opportunities to ensure the fullest possible return to autonomy, productivity and enjoyment of everyday life. Acquired language disability often masks competence to action. Participatory speech therapy (Osallistava puheterapia) is a framework for rehabilitation created by Intonaattorit oy, based on SCA™ (Supported Conversation for Adults with Aphasia) developed at the Aphasia Institute in Canada.

Our focus is on acknowledging the competence of the person and together find ways to overcome barriers.

Feel free to ask more about our speech therapy services in English.